Products & Services

Gerome Technologies fabricates insulation components for all makes, models, and manufacturers of power generating systems, which can be produced and delivered as individual components or as repair kits. If necessary, parts can be reverse engineered to any needed specifications based on samples, drawings or descriptions.

Our line of products for the power generation industry includes:

GT provides custom insulation components with applications in AC/DC Arc Furnaces.

GT produces custom insulation components with applications for medical equipment, secondary power sources, and common appliances.

GT produces and supplies insulation products which have a wide array of applications for the aerospace industry. To request more information or to discuss an upcoming project please contact our sales team directly.

Gerome Technologies offers the following services for all industries and local businesses:

With thousands of dies in stock, Gerome Technologies offers die-cutting options for a wide array of materials and applications. 

  • Flat Bed Press
  • Sheet Fed
  • Roll Fed
  • Kiss–cut, Die-cut
  • Multiple-layers

Gerome Technologies has extensive experience in converting composite materials for a wide array of applications. Our material converting capabilities include:

  • Die-cutting 
  • Coating 
  • Male / Female Punching
  • Blanking / Shearing
  • Molding
  • Slitting / Rewinding
  • Sheeting 
  • Laminating 
  • Pultrusion 
  • Thermal Forming 

Gerome Technologies offers complete kitting and assembly services for our customers. Based on your company’s needs Gerome Technologies can offer several cost effective options to help reduce costs and valuable time tracking down unknown materials or components.

Examples of kits we have assembled includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bore Copper Accessories Kits
  • Brazing Kits
  • Winding Accessories Kits 
  • Exciter & Diode Wheel Assemblies
  • Permanent End Wind Blocking Kits
  • Temporary Wood Blocking Kits 
  • (Many other kitting options available please call to discuss future kitting options )

Gerome Technologies has a skilled and knowledgeable technical sales team which has the experience and capability to design and/or reverse engineer parts for your next project based on samples, prints and drawings, or general descriptions. 

Based on the scope of your project, our team can provide CAD drawings and prototypes of finished parts and materials. This service aims to help ensure that our parts are suitable for their planned application, while at the same time reduce the risk of issues that could potentially derail your project schedule. 

  • Permanent End Wind Blocking
  • Copper Components
  • Collector Assembly
  • End Wind Air Baffle Assembly 
  • Westinghouse 2-86×130 Rotor 
  • 7A3 Rotor Connector and Main Lead Set

Gerome Technologies has extensive experience in the refurbishment and modification used parts. Our production has restored a wide variety of electrical insulation components and materials to acceptable working conditions through various methods and techniques. The most common restoration work includes:

  • Re-coating Surfaces / Zone Coating
  • Laminating
  • Sanding/Cutting 
  • Gluing
  • Pressing
  • Baking 
  • Slot Cutting

Our investment in a variety of manufacturing equipment allows our production team the flexibility needed to service all types of material supplied in rolls  — papers, tapes, plastics, felt, vinyl, cloth, and custom composite materials. 

We also operate a complete wood shop which stocks a variety of lumber and materials allowing us to offer custom wood products and custom packaging solutions to our customers.

Please call us to discuss an upcoming project and possible solutions.

Gerome Technologies has developed an extensive experience with a variety of plastics, tapes, epoxies, woven glass cloths, etc. for a range of electrical insulation applications. The following list is representative of, but not limited to, the common materials used in production:

  • Nomex® 
  • B-Stage Epoxy Coated Nomex®  
  • N-M-N 
  • Rag/Mylar 
  • Polyester Film 
  • Felt, Dacron, Aramid Fiber 
  • Fish Paper – Vulcanized Fiber Paper 
  • Conolite, Polyester Glass 
  • Epoxy Glass Cloth 
  • COPACO® Rag Paper 
  • Kraft Paper 
  • Kapton® Polyimide Film 

Nomex® and Kapton® are registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. COPACO® is a registered trademark of the Cottrell Paper Company.

  • Mica Paper, Sheets 
  • Glass Epoxy Laminate 
  • Glass Polyester Laminate 
  • Phenolic Laminate 
  • Vulcanized Fiber Built-up Sheet, Rods, and Tubes 
  • Expandable Porous Epoxy Glass Mat – Poromat®
  • Pressboard: Kraft, Nomex

Poromat® is a registered trademark of the Isovolta Group.

If you have any questions about an upcoming product or project, please contact our sales department directly by phone or by email at [email protected]